Children Carrying Heavy Jerry Cans of Water

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) is a core element of PAE's services, such as efforts to improve the livelihoods of these Ugandan children.

One of the principal challenges for international development is meeting the human need for water and sanitation while protecting the environment.   Since 2002, Dr. Daniel Nover, a senior scientist and environmental engineer at PAE, has worked in rural communities in South East Asia and Africa to implement technologies for drinking water supply and treatment as well as wastewater management. His work has emphasized the importance of long-term monitoring of water resources and building institutional support to promote project sustainability. In addition to work related to community outreach and participation in project implementation (Ogunyoku et al. 2011), Daniel’s work has contributed to the development of construction materials for implementation of water and sanitation projects in developing countries (in Mihelcic et al. 2009), and more recently has focused on planning and implementation of small-scale point of use water treatment technologies (Ogunyoku et al. 2011 and Nover et al. 2011) and developing approaches for latrine construction and management in rural Ugandan communities.

Uganda Water Tank

Dr. Nover works with local engineers in Uganda to improve access to safe drinking water.