Antoine Champetier, Ph.D.

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Ecosystem Services, Agricultural Engineering

Antoine Champetier is an agricultural and resource economist with expertise in environmental issues and policies in agriculture. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Agricultural Issues Center of the University of California and his recent projects have focused on pollination and nitrogen use, two prominent examples of ecosystem services. His work integrates economic models of farmer behavior and bio-physical models of the processes that underlie ecosystem services. This modeling allows one to evaluate the performance of alternative policies and incentives for the provision of ecosystem services both to and from agriculture. Antoine holds a Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics from UC Davis and acquired a solid background in agronomy and ecology at the French National Institute of Agronomy (AgroParisTech).  He speaks fluent French (native), English, and Spanish after having spent many years in France, the U.S., and Mexico.