Mehrey Vaghti, MSc.

Riparian Systems Restoration, Terrestrial Ecology, Vegetation Community Ecologist

Mehrey Vaghti guides the implementation and monitoring of ecological process-based restoration of terrestrial ecosystems, with a particular focus on riparian systems. She has studied the environmental drivers of riparian vegetation recruitment and establishment throughout California, with over a decade of experience in the direction of vertically integrated research in support of ecosystem management objectives. She is a recognized and authoritative expert in the riparian ecology of California’s Mediterranean river systems.  She has engaged with numerous resource management agencies and non-governmental organizations in the development of appropriate data capture methods and experimental design to leverage field-level observations into landscape-level decisions.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Biology and Management, with highest honors, and a MSc in Ecology, both from UC Davis. Ms. Vaghti speaks English (native), French (working), and Farsi (elementary).