Nate Bogie, Ph.D.

Agroecology, Soil Hydrology, Carbon Cycling, Hydrogeology

Nate researches how deficit and drip irrigation and management of cover crops affect soil carbon cycling and soil hydro-physical properties in California’s Central Valley. He completed his PhD dissertation in 2016 at UC Merced where he studied how the traditional practice of intercropping with deep rooted native shrubs in the West African Sahel can serve as pumps to transfer water from deep, moist soil layers to shallow-rooted food crops growing nearby during extreme drought. Nate’s work has taken him to Senegal, France, and the Western US. Nate received a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from UC Santa Cruz and worked as a geologist and field scientist in the renewable energy, environmental,  and water resources fields before entering graduate school. He has experience interacting with a wide array of stakeholders including subsistence farmers, water managers, forest managers, and academic researchers.

Nate speaks near fluent French and is proficient at writing in French.