Josué Medellín-Azuara, Ph.D.

Water Resource Engineering, Econometrics, Climate Change Adaptation

Josué Medellín has extensive experience modeling agricultural production in California and other locations around the world, including the US-Mexico Border and Brazil. He has participated in the development and maintenance of several large-scale hydro-economic models for water management in California, including: the Statewide Agricultural Production Model (SWAP) and the California Value Integrated Network model (CALVIN). His expertise resides in the modeling of agricultural production to incorporate extrinsic environmental factors, such as salinity and nitrate management in California’s Central Valley, and adaptation to climate change. His efforts have been instrumental for connecting the economic capabilities of agricultural production with SWAP into the Water Evaluation and Monitoring Plan (WEAP) platform, and on the indirect and induced effects on employment, value added and sector output through the IMPLAN platform.

Dr. Medellín has been a consultant for the World Bank and the Natural Heritage Institute on water management issues, and has industry experience serving as an engineer supervising infrastructural projects and managing environmental affairs.  He speaks Spanish (native) and English (fluent).