Daniel M. Nover, Ph.D.

Water Quality Engineering, Water Treatment, Sanitation, Water Resource Policy

Dan Nover is an expert in the physical and biogeochemical processes that influence water quality in freshwater systems, technologies available to safeguard water quality, and policy options available for water resources management. In particular, his work has focused on the role of fine particles and nutrients in surface water quality and ecosystem health.  He has been involved in research projects in numerous study areas and worked on diverse issues ranging from nutrient enrichment in urban lakes, to nutrient control in drinking water reservoirs to managing lake clarity in Lake Tahoe, work California funded through the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act and the US EPA.  His international development work focuses on small-scale systems for water supply, water treatment, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects, most recently in Uganda, where funding from the US Embassy, Caterpillar Corporation and Engineers Without Borders were leveraged in order to enhance water supply and sanitation in rural communities. He served in the Philippines as US Peace Corps Volunteer. He holds a BSc in Ecology from McGill University, a MSc in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Tech and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from UC Davis. He speaks English (native), Bikol (fluent), and Tagalog (intermediate).